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 Family name history:

"The origin of the Irish surname Fortune and it's variants O"'Fortune, Fortin and Forty are of English origin, having been brought to Ireland by English settlers. Here the name is of nickname origin;, derived from the Latin "fortuna", meaning "chance, fate, fortune" and indicating "a fortunate or lucky person".

The name is however, also found in Scotland, and ntroduced into Ireland during the Plantation period of the 17th century. The name is an anglicized form of the Gaelic "O Fairtcheirn" and of patronymic origin, derived from a personal name meaning"overlord". This surname was brought to America by Irish immigrants in the 19th century.
This information was obtained from Grace Fortune Melton.

Information from Ruth Armstrong:

In an article entitled SOME RESEARCH INTO THE FAMILY NAME OF FORTUNE by George Fortune which appeared in THE SCOTTISH GENEALOGIST, Quarterly Journal of the SCOTTISH GENEALOGY SOCIETY, March 1972, pp. 10-14, the author describes the surname Fortune as a place name in The Lothians such as an ancient fortification - three lands adjacent to the fort bear names: West Fortune, East Fortune and Fortunebank - the lands from which supplies of farm produce were obtained for the army that manned the fort - Fort-toun. A more recent mapmaker (late 1770's) frequently changed "East Forton" into "East Fortune".

So, if the surname Fortune is really a place name, it appears that there was no early common ancestor and therefore no early blood relatives.

*Ruth Arnstrong is the great-granddaughter of James and Harriet (Royce) Fortune, oldest son of John and Catherine (Younger) Fortune of Scotland and Essex Co. NYH.

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 JOHN FORTUNE born1773-died abt1855

John Fortune born in 1773 in England. He married Katherine (Kate) Young (Younger). Kate was born 1780 in Fishwick Mains, Hutton Parish, Berwickshire, Scotland and was christened 6 Aug 1780 in Hutton Parish, Berwickshire, Scotland. John and Kate had nine sons. James, born in England, Archibald, John, Chirnside Parish, Berwickshire, George, Thomas, Alexander, Robert, William/Carr?, David, were born and baptized in Buncle & Preston Parish, Berwickshire. I have no record of a Carr b. June 16, 1819, who shows up in several genealogy charts.

The family came to America in 1788 and lived in the Essex-Westport area of New York State from 1818/19 until about 1841. During this time apparently Kate died. They moved to Nicholville, St., Lawrence County, New York, and according to the 1850 census, John was believed to have died between 1854-56. There is no cemetery record in Nicholville for him, even though others in the family are buried there.

John Fortune descendants
John Fortune group sheet
Katherine (Kate) Younger
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County Map of Scotland: Scotland

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Alexander Robert Fortune was born in New York state in 1814. On Jan 1, 1838 he married Abigail Emry Royce, who was born June 24, 1817 in New York. See: The Royce family They had ten children all born on the farm in the township of Ely, Lake Zurich, Illinois. Their children were: William, Marion, John, Robert, Abigail, Lenore, Franklin and Fanny (twins), George, and Cornelia.

Alexander's oldest brother Will, was a soldier in the Civil war and was taken prisoner and on his return to Illinois he was a sick man and never seemed to get well after that. Alexander was also in the Civil war but he and Will were not in the same Colorado company

Alexander died on March 28, 1866 in Ely, Illinois and Abigail died on August 13, 1894 in Bauers, Grundy County, Iowa. Alexander Robert Fortune


       John Archibald Fortune was born in 1843 in Lake Zurich, Illinois. He served as a sergeant in Company K, 2nd Regiment, Colorado Calvary in the Civil War. He volunteered on November 23, 1862 and was discharged on September 23, 1865 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. His discharge papers show that he was born in Ely, Illinois, was 19 years of age, five feet 10 and 1/2 inches tall, fair complexion, blue eyes, dark hair and his occupation at time of enrollment was miner. Upon discharge he received a penson of $18.00 per month n 1912, $24 a mth in 1913 and $30. a month from Mar 1, 1918.

      He first married his cousin Mary Royce and they had four children, Orlin Robert, John, Maude and Ira. Mary died in 1879 and John married Carrie Myrick Ryder on August 6, 1880. Carrie was born in Holland, Michigan in 1864. See: The Myrick family They had nine children, Fred, Marie Lula, Roland, Fanny, Dewey, Grace, George and Vera. John Fortune died in Palo Alto on October 5, 1919 and Carrie died in 1941 at Palo Alto.