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Motto of the Welch Merricks

Heb Dduw heb: Dduw a digon
"Without God nothing: God is enough"

"That the Myricks of America are descended from the purist Celtic stock is established from the best of authorities, to wit Burke's Peerage and noblest Cambrian blood and have possessed the same ancestral estate at Bodorgan, Anglesey, Wales without interruption for about 1,000 years.

They have the rare distinction of being lineally descended from the soverign Prince of Wales of the Welsh Royal family and from King Edward I, eldest son, the first Prince of Wales of the English Royal family."

The Meyrick family has been in Wales since at least the 6th century and probably before. The family estate of Bodorgan in on the island of Anglesey, North Wales, across the Menai Strait from Bangor. The Cathedral in Bangor is on the oldest site of worship (525AD)older than Canterbury by 50 years. One of the Meyrick men was the first Protestant Bishop of Bangor. The estate house is a Manor not a castle. It is of grey stone with some kind of ivy or other climber on the front that turns brilliant red in the fall. The sword and shield are in the front hall of the Manor.

The name Meyrick is pronounced Mayrick with a long "a" When the family came to the new world, those who went into the south changed the spelling to Myrick.

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William Myrick was born in 1546 in Llanleschild, England and married Janert Verch Ianon (FERCH IEUAN ). He had four children. His other spouses were Maude Powell and Joan Young, daughter of William , they had 3 children ,Owen, minister at llangylle , Robert and Janet

William-Janet Myrick group sheet and desc chart


Reverend John Meyrick was born in 1579 in Pembrokeshire, St. David's parish in Wales. He was Rector of Llandachya. He was married in 1602 to his wife Dorothy Bishop was born in 1570 in Pembrokeshire, St. David's parish in Wales. Dorothy was the daughter of Matthew Bishop and Elizabeth Young. They had 14 children , the last William. The family emigrated in 1636 to U.S.A . He died on June 26, 1650 in Roxbury.

John Myrick group sheet


WILLIAM MERRICK, (Myrick) 1602-1688

William Merrick was born in Duxbur, Wales in 1602. He was the oldest of the four brothers who reached Charlestown on the good ship "James" in the spring of 1636.

Nothing is recorded of his early life. After reaching the Colony in 1636, he was a farmer by occupation. He was inclined toward the military life, as he served for six years under Captain Myles Standish, first as an Ensign and later as a Lieutenant.

He married in 1642 at Eastham, Massachusetts to Rebecca Tracy, born 1623/1624 in Plymouth, Maine, daughter of Stephen Tracy. They had ten children. He died in Eastham, Maine, in his will, proved March of 1688, he was described as 88 years of age.

William & Rebecca Myrick group sheet


William Myrick was born September 15, 1643 at Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts and married Abigail Hopkins b 1644 in Eastham, Barnstable, MA. Abigail's father ,Giles Hopkins came over on the Mayflower.

The records of Harwich carry the name as Myrick. On October 16, 1700 a church was gathered at Harwich, Massachusetts. consisting of eight male members. Ensign William Myrick was one of them.

William represented the town in General Assembly 1719 and was a Surveyor of Highways in 1722. William and Abigail were the parents of ten children. Joshua Myrick was his ninth child.

William's other spouse was Mrs.Elizabeth Snow. He died on October 30, 1732 in Harwich, Massachusetts

William & Abigail Myrick group sheet


Joshua Myrick was born in 1680. in Eastham, MA. He married Lydia Mayo, born June 12, 1694 in Harwich, Mass, who was a direct descendent of Elder William and Mary Brewster who came to America on the Mayflower. William and Mary Brewster had a daughter named Patience who married Governor Thomas Prence. Patience and Thomas had a daughter Hannah who married Nathaniel Mayo. Their daughter Lydia married Joshua Myrick.

Lydia and Joshua Myrick were the parents of Barnabas Myrick who was born in 1728 in Harwich, Connecticut. Joshua died in 1740/50 in Harwich, Mass.

Joshua Myrick group sheet


Barnabas Myrick was born in 1728 In Harwick, Mass, and married Ellis Bangs b. 1731 in Harwich, Mass. They had eleven children. One son was named Zenas.

Barnabas Myrick group sheet


Zenas Myrick was born about 1778 in Harwich, Mass. He married Eunice and had ten children. Their youngest son Joshua was born November 7, 1794 in Addison, Vermont.

Willard Myrick, another of Zenas and Eunice's sons also was born in Addison, Vermont. Willard married Jane Hill in July of 1839 who was born in Burlington, Vermont. They had no children so they adopted a daughter, Mary. Willard was an early settler of Chicago and he and his wife saw the village of Chicago grow into a large city. They bought some swampy land and later seeing the great possibilities in Chicago, bought all the land and the hotel belonging to his brother, Joshua.

Willard was a lover of good horses and at one time owned a famous trotter named Flora Temple who won many races for him. His wife Jane Hill was for over 40 years a conspicuous figure in social, religious and philanthropic circles. She was loved by all she came in contact with. She was one of the directors of the first orphan assylum in Chicago, dedicated by active personal interest and liberal donations. They always cooked a large amount of food and early morning and at night poor people came to be fed. They were both loved for their generosity and goodness. They were know as Uncle Will and Aunt Jane to relatives and friends. They both died in the late 18th century.

Zenas Myrick ancestry chart

     JOSHUA MYRICK 1794-

Joshua Myrick was born in Addison, Vermont on November 7, 1794. In 1822 in Michigan, Joshua married Lucy Jackson who was born in 1803 in Addison, Vt.

Joshua was one of the early settlers in Chicago in 1839. When he first arrived he bought a large tract of land known as canal land, the present boundaries which are Lake Michigan and South Park Avenue. Near the lake shore south of what is now 29th street stood a two story frame house called "The Empire" which he named the "Myrick Hotel". The hotel became very popular for his wife was an excellent cook. The road to the village of Chicago ran along the shore of Lake Michigan. He sold this property later to his brother Willard.

Joshua and Lucy's children included a son William and Lucy Ann Myrick who was born on January 10 1829 in Addison, Vermont.

Lucy Jackson Myrick died in 1905 in Middleville, Michigan.



LUCY ANN (Ryder) MYRICK 1829-1927

Lucy Ann Myrick was born January 10, 1829 in Addison, Vermont, daughter of Joshua Myrick and Lucy Jackson. She married William Franklin Ryder who was born in Ogdensburg, New York on December 22, 1816 . William was of Dutch and Scotch Irish descent.

William died on March 24, 1882 and was buried in Whitehall, Michigan. Lucy Ann died on March 7, 1927 in Palo Alto and is buried in Alta Mesa Cemetery, Palo Alto.


Carrie Blanche Ryder was born in 1864 in Holland, Michigan. Her mother was Lucy Ann Myrick and her father William Franklin Ryder. She married John Archibald Fortune who was born In Lake Zurich, Illinois in 1843. See: The Fortune family They were married on August 6, 1880 and were ranchers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, when South Dakota was then a territory.

John died in Palo Alto in 1919, and Carrie died in 1941 in Palo Alto where they lived on Addison Street.

Carrie was also a descendant of William Brewster (of the Mayflower), and William Merrick (Good Ship James). The ancestry chart of Carrie Fortune is shown below.





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*The following information was obtained from Keith's web page. Is this the ancestor of our WILLIAM MYRICK was born in 1546 in Llanleschild, England

MEURIG ap LLWELLYN ( 1483 - 30/11/1538 ) married MARGRED FERCH SYR ROLAND . They had ten children . He was the first high sheriff of Anglesy , one of his children was named . JOHN .b 1513 in Bodorgan, Anglesey ,Wales .Moved to St Davids,Pembrokeshire,Wales, he married SAGE FERCH GRUFFUDD b. 1521, daughter of James Gruffudd, they had 3 Children ,