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 Petty Family Name History

There are two possible explanations for the surname Petty and its variants Pettie, Pettee, Petit, and Pettitt when it is found in Ireland. The principal Petty family was established in the county Kerry by the famous Sir William Petty in the seventeenth century. The name may be of the nickname origin, descriptive of some personal or physical characteristic of the initial bearer and in this case, the name may be derived from the Old French "petit" meaning "small, one small in stature".

Alternatively, it is also possible that the name is of Scottish origin, having been brought to Ireland during the Plantation period of the seventeenth century. Here the name is of local origin, derived from the place where the initial bearer once lived or held land. In this instance, the name may indicate "one who came from Petty" a place name in Scotland in the shire of Inverness. This toponym is derived from the Gaelic "peit" meaning "a share, portion or measure of land".

The earliest English record of this surname dates back to 1198 when one William Petie is recorded in the "Feet of Fines" in Nottinghamshire. 1249 one Walter le Petiet is listed in the "Assine Rolls" of Wiltshire and Thomas Petyt is mentioned in the "Subsidy Rolls" of Leicestershire in 1327. In Scotland the earliest record of this surname is from 1296 where it is mentioned that one Johan Petyt of the Miernes, Lanarkshire rendered homage. William Petyt was a character witness inn 1340 and Master Duncan Petit or Petyt was archdeacon of Glasgow in 1395.

The coat of arms was granted by Carney in Ulster in 1656 to William Petty MD, who became Physician-General to the army in Ireland. He was Knighted in 1661 and founded the noble house of Petty.

Blazon of Arms:
Ermine on a blend azure a magnetic needle ppr. pointing at the north star.
Crest:                A beehive and bees proper.
Motto:               Ut apes geometriam.

*Crest obtained from W. C. Petty at http://www.wcpetty.com/petty/html

The Petty family tree


There is so much controversy about the ancestor of Thomas Petty 1675 ..is it Thomas or Hubert??
I have left the solution of the problem to the genealogists.
The children of Thomas and Catherine Petty are: John, William,
Christopher, James, Rebecca, Mary, George, and Martha

Thomas Petty descendants chart
Thomas Petty group sheet, will, info etc.

Look on Thomas Petty group sheet for John, Thomas IV, and James' group sheets
Also Rev William Petty under Thomas IV

married Rebecca Sims (Simms)
John T. Petty group sheet

married Ann or Hannah Flauntleroy
John Petty group sheet
Look on James Petty group sheet on this page

married Pollie Gould Fowlkes
Francis Petty group sheet

married Nancy Mildred (Nannie) Adkins
William George Petty group sheet

married Florence Esther Means


left to right
Lillian, Rolleigh, George, Rollie, Florence


married Fred Archibald Fortune The Fortune family


 Lillian Annetta Petty was born August 31, 1896 in Jonesborough, Arkansas. Her mother was Florence Esther Means See: Means family and her father Rolleigh Adkins Petty, who worked for a mechanical contractor and was also a plumber.

Her grandfather built them a two story house in Jonesborough. Lillian remembers looking out the kitchen window and seeing a snake as a small child also seeing cottonmouth snakes in the fields gliding along with only their heads visable above the grass.

Rollie A. Petty was born in 1898 and brother George Petty born in 1900.In 1904 or 05 the family moved to Grand Junction, Colorado when her parents separated.

Florence, Lillian and George moved to Broadway Street, Hoisington, Kansas, while Rolleigh and moved to Oregon. In Kansas, the children attended grammar school and high school . The family went for a visit to Oregon, and Rollie Jr. stayed with his father. It was in Hoisington where Lillian met Charles Yates Orr (Chick, her second husband) and became engaged to him when she was 15 and he was 16 years old.

In 1912 Florence and her family moved to Great Bend, Arkansas where the Means lived, then to Texas where they had a boarding house for a short while. In Texas Lillian worked for Sears Roebuck filling orders and boxes.

In 1918 when Lillian was 22 years old the family moved to Suisuin where they worked for the telephone company for one year. Minnie Means, Florences sister, came and lived in Suisuin for a while. The next year they moved to Hanford, California where they worked for the telephone company for a short time as substitute and night shift. They came to Palo Alto, California, in 1919 .

Fred Archibald Fortune worked on a streetcar in Palo Alto and before he started the Fortune Taxi service. It was through the telephone service that he met Florence and Lillian where they were telephone operators. He began courting Lillian and soon they married. They lived for a while with Fred's mother and their only son, was born.

In 1925 when their son was 5 years old, Fred was sent to mine on the Klamath river. Fred's mining experiences resulting in a bad injury are related in Fred Fortunes section. That experience lasted one year and in 1926 they bought a home in Menlo Park.

In 1931 Fred worked in a garage, then helped build Sequoia high school, Menlo School & Junior college while Lillian worked at the Home Food Shop which was owned by Fred's sister Marie Wilson. In 1939 Fred began selling cars for Mark Tuban in Mountain View. Fred had a service station in Mt. View and in 1942 began working for his brother in law, George Petty at his Palo Alto furniture store. His wife Lillian worked for Wightmans a gift shop. Fred A. Fortune died at age 63 in 1945.

In her later years Lillian was very active in Navy daughters of America and Help for the Handicapped. After her husbands death Lillian's old boyfriend, Charles Orr, from Hoisington came out for a visit. They were married in 1949 and since her husband "Chick" was with the Western Pacifice they lived in various parts of California. They finally settle in Oroville and later moved to San Jose, Ca. where they lived until their deaths in 1978 and 1989.



Rollie ? Petty was born in Jonesborough, Arkansas on November 17, 1898. His mother was Florence Means and his father Rollie Adkins Petty, a plumber. They lived in a two story house in Jonesborough built by his grandfather. In 1904 the family moved to Grand Junction, Colorado where his parents separated and Rollie went to Oregon to live with his father.

When did Rollie leave Oregon? Did he live in Hanford, or Suisuin with his mother and Lillian? Did he move to Palo Alto in 1919? Where did he go to grammar school? High school?

In 1930 Rollie sold Ford automobiles for the Redwine Motor Company in Mountain View, where he met his future wife Leslie Redwine. On March 25, 1932 Rollie and Leslie were married in Palm Springs. Soon after he became acting postmaster of Mountain View. Their daughter Dorothy ______ was born _____________.

Family life. Active in ? Retired when? Died when? Buried where? Stuff about your Mom and Lesta? Taking care of them. Anecdotes

Rolleigh Sr. and Rollie



Born date, where? School where? Graduated where? Taught where? Met George where? Story of your romance, wedding and life. Pictures.

Dorothy 25 years organist at the Trinity Methodist Church in Mt. View.

Dorothy pilot licence 1972 or 73. pictures.

Square dancing? Info about George and your children. Places you've lived and things you done...spelunking....air rescue....singing....church....houses you've owned and pictures of them.

Moved to Shasta in 1975

Church work since then...traveling and where and what for etc etc.